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Thank you to Selfmaderadio that brought here this report from ‘balkantravellers’.

According to the “Koha Jonë”, a daily newspaper in Albania, that was referring to sources from the Mayors office in Tirana, the upcoming reconstruction of Tirana’s Skanderbeg Square may cause serious traffic disruptions!!!

Sources from Tirana’s mayor office told the Albanian daily Koha Jone that the Belgian architecture studio 51N4E, which won the recent international competition for the rehabilitation of the square, is expected to also present a proposal on how to deal with the traffic problem. If a strategy of dealing with the traffic is not implemented, the chaos will be significant in September, when the refurbishing works will begin, Koha Jone reported, adding that current traffic problems are minimal compared to what is expected when work on the square begins.As reported, the second stage of the design competition was on April 10 and 11. The Begian studio won against other internationally-acclaimed archirectire firms, including the Atena Studio & Partners from Rome, Daniel Libeskind Architects from New York, MVRDV from Rotterdam and and JL Mateo from Barcelona.The renovation of Tirana’s central square, according to the official website of the city’s municipality, is expected to bring the best urban, architectural, infrastructural and functional solutions. Specifically, beside the actual square’s reconstruction, the project had to address the streetscape design of the entries to the square, the usage of underground development and the reconstruction of old buildings.

 What is puzzling about this, is that the report claims to refer to sources inside Mayor’s office in Tirana, who in the span of five years has organized two international urban design competitions only for the center, the latest finalized only last week, and three more architectural competition about the implementation of an urban scheme by Architecture Studio (the winner of the first urban competition back in 2003).

My question is; if all this competitions and urban projects never dealt with the circulation and the traffic, what were they supposed to do? Is this a joke that one puts with the taxpayers money and their public space?

I don’t have an answer, of course.


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